There are special picture/video collections of hot sexy nylon
stocking'd women on the Internet that are assembled here
to appeal to male and female connoisseurs of Vintage Stockings.
I am talking about real vintage non-stretch Genuine Nylons.
from 1946 until the 1980's

Opens a new big stockings video site.

 From Kodachrome II slide of Kristy

 From Kodachrome II slide of Kristy

Hawaiian Roni

Ginger Lixx

Gia Podasky

Nora Kalivas


Serina Scott

Siren Saffron

Nancy Nylon



Bella Von Black

Cheri Tuan



Mary Jane



600 TGPs

Hot Pink

Vintage Stockings
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They were made prior to 1964 and must
have the welt stamped and mesh is excluded.
This is the intention of Nylonettes.Com.  You'll
love our nyloned nymphos.  And when these
sexy nylon'd ladies wear the satiny soft vintage
stockings, it is fun to follow them on their home
pages that are found collected here.

195370 http://vintageflash.com/

Some nylonettes are earthy peasant looking, others
are classic beauties, but they all have curvy legs, slim
ankles, high arches, straight toes, smooth shaved skin,
maybe lightly artistic tattooing, pedicures.   And wear
true vintage stockings because they are hot fucking sexy nylon addicts.
Your Stocking Mistress, NancyNylon

Edi Rama:   "Beauty is much more intimidating than brutality"

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Women wear red on their lips because of
oral sex, pure and simple as that.

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When I was a teen I was told by my father, to marry some one with a
beautiful face because you'll have to sit across the table from her
for the rest of your life.  I thought about it.  And, I decided to add
one more detail.  I wanted to look under the table, too, At sexy stocking'd legs.


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