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Hi, I'm Lauren and I was born/raised in Montreal.
After 2 years at McGill University I joined a modeling agency.
I wear my nylon stockings at
trade-shows, conventions, and expos, on airlines,
cabs to hotels, and restaurants.
Downtown San Diego convention


I'm a convention model for modeling agencys in Toronto & Denver.   I'm sent around Canada and the lower 48 States trade shows to be a floor model mostly for products.   I love to wear vintage nylons and it helps attract visitors.   When I have to fly on a moments notice I wear my showroom clothes right on the plane and cab and to the showroom without changing until that night at my hotel room.   So, sometimes, there is no time to check into a hotel before I go on the floor.   My suit case is always ready to travel with extra stockins in case I ruin one.   A friend told me about this, selling my used ones.   And I did it once on nylon707 eBay for 53$ with 5 bidders doing it.

San Diego waterfront

As you may notice, I Iove the real vintage nylons.   I bought some from secrets in lace once.   They are too coarse compared to the fine vintage 15 denier glossy sheer feel that I love.   My favorite nylons are Black or Taupe Albert's BareFoot or RHTs.   I abhor micro-mesh and stretch stockings.   Seamed stockings are ok, it's just that keeping the seams straight is a bother.   You know why women love sheer satiny lingerie next to their skin.   We really are in our aroused mode in satiny lingerie.   The satiny sheer feel makes me feel sensual,, just one more thing, scent.   I wear perfume.

In these pictures I'm wearing "Bare-Foot" Albert's sandle foot brand. I love em because they are beautiful and I went and bought a ton of em.   Now I'm selling them here and on nylonstocking.net   They are the real deal satiny vintage stockings, not lycra or spandex or mesh or modern repoduction course and have very little stretch.

My mother-in-law, Janis, and I have this vintage stockings fetish that bonds us.
We have been scouring the estate sales and thrift shops everywhere
on the hunt for true vintage nylons with the welts stamped that was the
custom during the 40's thru the early 60's.   To our way of thinking
this way we can be sure of the satiny silky value we crave for our shaved legs .

END,  more of my pictures Cuming soon