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Pictures of Albert's vintage seamed barefoot
taupe nylon stockings on a nude nylon stocking porn model Gia Podasky

This Hot little tasty number should have
your attention by now.  She really is a good
model choice to show our love of these
silky vintage socks.  Also, She is edible and
good eating.  She was given the taste test, and
confirmed.  AND, the nylons taste good.
Gia has a deep inner desire to use her abilities and
personal independence to show you these
sexy threads.   She would rather focus on large,
important issues, and the nylon details to you.
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Albert's Seamed Barefoot vintage taupe Stockings Sales
Gia Gia Gia
Gia Gia Gia

Take Me in your arms and I'll melt in all the heat,
As I create a rythym you will get the beat
Cuddle long and take me with all your meat.

Gia's Nasty Fuck...... She wants to be "Cocktafied."
Gia Gia Gia
Gia Gia Gia


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